Welcome to PI-Philly

Italian Professionals in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the United States and holds an important part of the American historical heritage. Since its foundation, inspired by principles of freedom and tolerance, Philadelphia represents a landmark of cultural integration.

Since the end of the Seventeenth century, Philadelphia and the surrounding counties have received many European immigrants and have witnessed the birth of a big and heterogeneous italian community.

Nowadays, Philadelphia is home to many young Italians working to combine background and professional skills acquired in Italy with the industriousness and pragmatism of the East Coast, aiming to succeed and integrate in the local professional and cultural community.

PI-Philly – Italian professionals in Philadelphia – gathers professionals working in the fields of research, business, entrepreneurship, arts and literature living in the city and surrounding areas. Through the organization and promotion of cultural, professional and social ventures they are committed to promote the establishment of a dynamic network of Italian, local and international professionals in the area.


  • Connect Italian professionals in the Greater Philadelphia Area
  • Facilitate collaborations among members
  • Create bridges between Italian and international professionals working in Philadelphia and potential partners in Italy
  • Organize and promote cultural events of interest to the Italian and international community in Philadelphia
  • Foster the Italian spirit and heritage in Philadelphia

PI-Philly welcomes collaborations with other Italian and international associations present in the area.